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Major Accomplishments

  • Performed Systems Safety Engineering risk assessments and analyses for the Space Shuttle Orbiter to address systems capabilities, failure modes, effects, causes and controls. Planned and conducted such analyses given specific direction and prepared system safety documentation for Thermal Protection System (TPS) and Fuel Cell subsystems.
  • As project lead:
    • Coached, mentored, and motivated project team members and contractors, and influenced them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.
    • Oversaw and directed the project related activities of all IT and contactor staff assignments on projects.
    • Coordinated the activities of the project with other departments within the enterprise and with technology solution vendors and trading partners.
    • Provided business functional and technical leadership to IT and the enterprise.
    • Negotiated resolutions through project obstacles and escalate to IT Director if project success may be impacted.
  • As technical leader and a component owner, researched/captured/documented requirements and design for internet applications using J2EE architecture for SSA.
  • As technical leader, consolidated requirements for a conceptual design of a DoD project.
  • Managed the development and demonstrated the Position Reference System (PRS) to JSC/NASA successfully within a short span of time of 8 months, saving the customer time and money. Developed low-level I/O communications software (in C) on APA512S machine vision processor and a PC.
  • Developed software to provide Inter-Process Communications (IPC) between several processes on a UNIX machine in order to monitor and diagnose various sensor faults in real-time in a Thermal Test bed - a Space-Station project.
  • Designed and developed automated test tools on DSC/Alcatel Switches to test telecom protocols. Extensively documented Systems Requirements and Detailed Design documents. Developed an OSI CDR Collection tool using J2EE-like architecture.